Welcome to the Mi Jalisco Blog!

~ 05/15/2021 ~

Welcome to the Mi Jalisco Blog!

At Mi Jalisco, we always have a lot going on. But, today, we are more excited than ever to provide our guests with a whole new experience! Yes, we have a new website that is easier to navigate, order, and find out everything you could possibly want to know about our restaurant. Which leads us to this page. Our blog.

If you’re like many people, you have no idea what in the world a blog is, why it pertains to you, and why we are so excited about it. Well, mi amigos, that is precisely why this page is here. To answer your questions by providing you with an inside look at the Mi Jalisco familia.

Our blog will be filled with culinary articles that are of interest to you! From easy to follow at home recipes to in-depth looks at different tequilas, we have your questions covered. For example, we’ve all been asked, “what type of tequila do you prefer?” While many of us have a programmed response, is it really the best choice? Or, is your response based upon what you know and are comfortable ordering? No worries, we’ll get back to this later!


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While we intend to stuff your brain for trivia night on our blog page, remember to hop over to Facebook and like us! It’s there that you will find all of the latest happenings and specials. Staying in the know is the best way to ensure you never miss out on fun things like kids eating free or Taco Tuesday!



As always, our familia at Mi Jalisco extends our thanks and gratitude for your continued support over the years. Without you, we would have never grown to be New Hampshire’s best restaurant for authentic Mexican food! So, gracias!

~ The Mí Jalisco Familia

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